Repair Estimate Report

We offer Repair Estimate Report (RER) for a small additional fee when you schedule your home inspection.  The RER uses the home inspection report to provide local cost estimates for repairs or replacement of defects found during your inspection.  You’ll get “real life” local estimates to help you negotiate or to help you plan and budget for the future.

This service is brought to you by our partner, Porch.  View a sample report here.

Repair Estimate Report FAQs:

How does Porch calculate the estimates on the Repair Estimate Report?
Porch uses a team of pricing experts along with historical data to determine local labor and
materials rates in your area. The information included in your inspection report is then used
as the basis for calculating repair estimates. We mark the items we can’t calculate with
confidence (for example, lack of adequate information or items that require an in-person
review) as such and will provide a best guess estimate in those cases.

How long does it take for me to get my Repair Estimate Report after I purchase?
The Repair Estimate Report is delivered within 48 hours of your inspection being completed.
If you order your report with rush delivery you will receive it within 24 hours of purchase.

Why is the report sent to my agent first if I purchased it directly?
The Repair Estimate Report is intended to be a tool to help you and your agent negotiate
more effectively. It is sent to your agent by default since they have the market knowledge for
your area and should be able to offer advice on what to focus on if requesting repairs, credit,
or both. If you have any issues with getting your report directly from your agent please let us

I’ve received my report, and have some questions. What should I do?
We’re here to help! Contact us anytime at with any questions,
comments or concerns.