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Building Consultant

In addition to inspecting, Davone is a real estate investor in Harrisburg, PA. Davone focuses on single-family renovations, and small multi-family residences, and has been in the industry for five years.

Davone was drawn to home inspections from his love of real estate. After purchasing homes and seeing firsthand the details that go into renovating and maintaining properties Davone has a strong understanding of how to maintain, and add value to homes. He is driven to ensure that every home buyer walks out of the inspection feeling confident about home maintenance, and more importantly the challenges and rewards that come along with owning homes both older and new construction.

Davone is passionate about education and strives to understand the homebuyer’s needs whether it’s from his personal experience as a real estate investor, home inspector, or residential homeowner. With Davone you will get an individual who is able to view a house from multiple lenses.

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