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Building Consultant
Fletcher has 20 years experience as a stage carpenter, electrician and designer. He has built, lit and designed sets for private schools, colleges, Off-Broadway and Broadway. Later in his career he worked with Union One in New York City where he expanded his skills working on large entertainment events such as the Tonys, MTV awards and live concerts.
And if he looks familiar to you, perhaps you’ve seen him in a film, or tv show or possibly on the stage as he has another career as an actor in tandem with his stage craft career.  Fun fact: His favorite role was working opposite his teenage crush Morgan Faichild who has become one of his dearest and closest friends.
Now, you may be wondering how he came to the world of home inspection. When he bought his first home, he was fortunate to have Liberty show up for the inspection. And it was then he realized that this was a perfect career for him, one in which all his skills could be utilized. A keen interest in how things work and a love of working with and helping people have always been what has driven his choices in life.

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