Walk & Talk

If you don’t need or want a full home inspection, but want to prepare or protect yourself from costly repairs or replacement of “big ticket items”, this service is probably right for you.  A Walk & Talk is one hour of a licensed property inspector’s time to go over whatever areas of concern you have.  A Walk & Talk is not a home inspection and no pictures or report are provided.  We strongly encourage buyers or sellers to bring a notepad and camera to take notes and pictures as they walk through the property.  The inspector can look at any areas or components you wish in the hour provided, but it is suggested that this service is used for more expensive items such as the roof, HVAC system, the foundation, or electrical system.

In today’s competitive market, some buyers are waiving the home inspection to be able to compete with multiple offers on a property.  With a Walk & Talk, you will be prepared for any major expenses you may incur and can make an educated decision on your purchase without having to go through with the full inspection.

Walk & Talks are also valuable to sellers who may want to find out if they have any major unexpected issues with their roof, HVAC, or other components of their home prior to listing or prior to the buyer’s home inspection.