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Annual Inspection for your Commercial Property

Annual Inspection for your Commercial Property


There is no doubt owning and maintaining a commercial property keeps you busy and can cause stress. On top of keeping everything functioning as it should and budgeting for future maintenance, you need to prioritize the safety of your team working in the building. An annual inspection for your commercial property is exactly what you need to take away stress and fear of the unknown.


Forecast and Budget for Repairs

Every property owner has had something go wrong and wished they had known beforehand. When unexpected issues arise, it can be costly. Our commercial inspectors complete a thorough, visual inspection. Afterwards, the inspector will provide a detailed report on the condition of your property to give you a clear picture of what to expect. As the owner or facilities manager, this gives you the ability to forecast both major and minor repairs. Additionally, our inspectors will even let you know what needs to be addressed immediately vs. what can wait so you can set your annual budget accordingly.


Preventative Maintenance

Speaking of budget, an annual inspection could be beneficial for your bank account, as well! With this in mind, some consider the annual inspection as a preventative measure to ensure they aren’t surprised with any costly repairs. Even small leaks that aren’t found quickly can be disastrous. Our detailed report will cover all major and minor systems, so you can tackle items found before they become major headaches.



If you have employees working in the building, ensuring their safety is a priority. Safety is our inspector’s number one priority when walking through the property, as well! With our easy-to-read, color-coded report, you will be able to identify safety issues that need to be addressed to ensure your staff remain secure in the workplace.


Maintenance List

Now that you have your incredibly thorough report, what do you do with it? Many commercial property owners have used our report as a checklist for their facilities or maintenance team. Your all-inclusive report, broken down into sections, will provide your team or contractor with pictures along with a description of the findings to ensure they clearly understand what needs to be done. Our commercial inspectors are available to answer any questions they may have as well.


All things considered, an annual inspection is small price to pay to avoid costly repairs in the future. To learn more about commercial inspection options and pricing, check out our website or give us a call: 1-877-371-7101.

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