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Tips for Homeowners and Sellers

We talk a lot about how homebuyers can prepare for their home inspection. But what about the homeowner or seller? 

Following these easy suggestions will keep small, negligible items from having to be added to the home inspection report and ensure that all of the inspections can be completed in a timely manner.

Make sure all utilities are on (gas, electricity, water, oil in tank, etc.). If the utilities are not on, we won’t be able to inspect everything. This could result in an incomplete report and a potential second visit to the property by the inspector.

Change the air filters on your heating system. A dirty filter will end up as a maintenance item in the report. Make sure your filter is replaced prior to the inspection.

Replace any burnt out light bulbs. The inspector won’t be able to tell if it’s a light bulb issue or an electrical one. Replacing burnt out light bulbs is a quick and easy way to avoid the buyer asking for what could be an unnecessary trip by an electrician.

Make sure all major components are accessible (attic, crawlspace, electric panel, hot water heater, furnace, garage, etc.). Because home inspections are non-invasive, we won’t move things or dismantle anything to access these areas. Make sure the inspector has a clear path and good access to prevent missing information or a repeat visit.

Remove pets from the property (or crate them). We want to make sure our inspector and your pets are safe and can’t accidentally escape during the inspection. If you have cats that might be hiding and don’t want them let out, please have your realtor give us a heads up so we can be extra careful when entering and exiting the home.

Leave the home for the duration of the inspection. We want the buyer to be comfortable asking questions since this is their future home. Many buyers will be hesitant with the homeowner present. It’s best to go out for a couple of hours while the inspection takes place.

Make sure keys / remotes are available to home, shed, garage, etc. We want to make sure we get to test everything while we’re there so remotes or keys that are necessary to test out garage doors, gas fireplaces, or other items should  be out and if possible labeled. Keys should be labeled and accessible for any storage areas, sheds, etc.

Our goal is to make the inspection process as smooth and painless as possible for everyone involved. Whether you are buying, selling, renovating, or just want info on your home don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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