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Inspecting is Our Passion

Inspecting is our passion.

Lots of companies have fancy mission statements. They post them on their websites, social media, on the walls of their offices. Mission statements sound inspirational and exciting.

Established in 2007, Liberty Inspection Group started not with a mission, but with a passion: to Educate, Empower, and Protect our clients. This is not just a fancy statement we make on our website. It’s not an empty promise we post on the wall and never look at. It’s something we strive to live out every day. 

Everyone at Liberty from our office team to our inspectors and technicians, to our managers loves helping our clients through the homebuying, selling, and ownership process. Many members of our team have said that they feel they are not just part of an inspection company, but rather teachers who help clients better understand their homes and properties.

When clients have someone in their corner whose goal is to teach them about their home and property, they gain confidence and feel empowered. They have the information and tools they need to make decisions about whether a property is right for them, or how to prioritize items that may need repair or replacement. Many people have heard the phrase “knowledge is power” and perhaps it’s a bit cliche, but we believe that it’s true. 

Purchasing and owning a home are big steps in a person’s life. It’s a huge financial, emotional, and time commitment. When you work with a company whose passion is to educate and empower you, you feel protected. You can move into your home with confidence. 

Clients are strongly encouraged to attend the inspection so they can ask questions, learn where the main shut off valves are located, how to operate various components of the home, and feel more comfortable with the home prior to moving in. Our inspectors are great at helping explain their findings and putting things into context and perspective so clients know what’s a big deal and what’s not. 

The report we send is not just good for negotiations, but can be used as a guide for future home projects and maintenance. And since #LibertyIsLongTerm, our passion to educate, empower, and protect will be there for you for as long as you live in your home.



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