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Frequently asked questions

Do I really need a home inspection?

Whether you’re a first time buyer or this isn’t your first time around the block, you should absolutely get a home inspection. Buying a home can often be a decision based on emotion. It’s a big investment and an inspection can help you make informed decisions. Liberty Inspection Group will help give you perspective by providing a report and summary that highlight what items are in need of immediate repair or replacement and which ones you should budget for down the road. Given the cost of major home repairs on areas such as the roof, HVAC system, plumbing, or other “big ticket” items, a home inspection can help give you peace of mind and possibly help you negotiate for repairs or a credit. A home inspection also provides education on routine maintenance and how to “operate” your home.

In addition to using your inspection as part of your real estate transaction, a home inspection can be a valuable tool to use for your own information whether you already live in your home or are thinking of moving in the near future. It creates a home maintenance “to-do” list for you and helps you budget appropriately for repairs that may be on the horizon. It’s a great opportunity to ask an expert who isn’t trying to sell you anything. 

As part of our “Liberty Is Long Term” commitment, we will be here to answer questions, provide advice, and give recommendations for as long as you live in your home.

How Much does a home inspection cost?

The cost of a home inspection varies based on several factors. Typically the size, age, and sometimes the location of the home will determine the cost. For most homes, it’s recommended to get a termite inspection, radon testing, and sewer line inspection in addition to the home inspection. Although getting 3 or more services does cost a bit more, you are potentially saving yourself time, money, and headaches once you move into your home. It’s important to know the financial benefits to spending a little more now to avoid having a costly problem later, especially for items such as the sewer line which is not covered with a standard home inspection. Other factors that influence the price of your inspection are what type of company you hire. A single owner/operator company can charge less due to less overhead. The advantage to spending a little bit more with a company like Liberty is you will also have someone available to answer the phone, take your questions, and provide support before, during, and after your inspection.

Will my inspection Report Include the cost of repairs?

Our home inspection reports do not include the cost of repairs, however we do offer a Repair Estimate Report for a small additional fee. The reason we choose not to include them in the report is the “real life” costs can vary wildly depending on so many factors. We would hate to tell someone to budget a certain amount only to find out later it may cost twice as much due to current market conditions. The Repair Estimate Report is provided by Porch and gives you accurate pricing from contractors in your area at that time.

Should I attend my home inspection?

We love it when clients attend the inspection. Our home inspectors see themselves as educators and there’s nothing they love more than teaching people about their new home! Your inspection is your time to ask as many questions as you want and to get familiar with the new systems so you feel comfortable and confident when you move in.

If you can’t attend, no worries! Your inspector is available to you to review the summary and report by phone or email after the inspection is complete.

How Long does a home inspection take?

Home inspections typically take about 1 hour per 1000 square feet of size for a home. This can be a bit longer if it’s an older home and sometimes a bit quicker for homes in extra tip top shape or for condos. 

I had my home inspection. Now what?

After your inspection, you will receive your report by email within 24 hours, but typically that same day. If you’ve opted for radon testing, the results take 48 hours. If you had air or water quality testing performed getting the results from the lab will take about 3-5 business days. Once you have all of your reports, if you’re not sure about anything do not hesitate to call us or reach out to your inspector directly. If you’re working with a Realtor, they will typically review the report with you as well. 

How do i choose an inspector?

There are a few important criteria when choosing a home inspector. If you are in a state that requires inspectors to be licensed, such as New Jersey or Delaware, you’ll want to confirm the inspector you are hiring has a current license issued by that state. In other states, you should make sure your inspector is NACHI certified and up-to-date on their continuing education. Aside from licensing or experience, you’ll want an inspector who explains things clearly in a way you can understand and who is available to answer all of your questions during and after the inspection. You should also check online reviews to see what other customer experiences have been with that company.

What home inspection services do i need?

We recommend a home inspection, termite inspection, radon testing, and sewer line inspection for most homes. If the home is stucco, we strongly recommend getting invasive stucco testing performed, particularly for homes built between the 1980s and mid-2000s. Sometimes clients are aware of previous water issues with a home or they may have noticed the basement smelled musty. In that case, we’d suggest air quality for mold testing. If the home is utilizing a well for the water supply, water quality testing is needed. Lead paint testing is required for many rental properties so if you’re purchasing a property that you intend to rent lead paint testing is recommended.

Although Liberty does not offer septic inspections “in-house”, if your home is on a septic system that needs to be inspected. We can recommend reputable companies in your area to perform that service.

Why choose liberty inspection group?

Liberty Inspection Group has been providing high-quality, reliable property inspections for 15+ years. With a team of inspectors, we have the availability and expertise to make the inspection process convenient and easy. Our team has “an inspector for everyone”. Some are more specialized in very old homes, others are great to put first-time homebuyers at ease. If you’re not sure who you’d like to work with, our customer service team can help pair you up with the perfect inspector for your needs. Our dedicated customer service reps will help schedule and assist you throughout the process. 

Don’t just take our word for it though! We encourage you to check out our reviews.

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