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Tools, gadgets, & Essentials

We’ve collected some tools, gadgets, and essentials that every homeowner should have on hand. If you ever need a recommendation or advice, we are here for you. Give us a call, send us a text, or drop us a line by email.

These almost indestructible flashlights are the best. They hold a charge seemingly forever and fit in your pocket.

Put one of these water sensors next to your water heater, under a sink, on the basement floor, anywhere water might unexpectedly leak. If it senses water, it will set off an alarm and send an alert to your phone.

Carbon Monoxide detector save lives. Keep one on each floor of your home.

Are you sure that wire hanging in your basement isn’t live? A quick tap with this took will confirm that it’s safe to touch.

  A video doorbell is great for security or for seeing when packages get delivered. Link it to your phone and you’ll never be too far from home.

Home security has never been easier or less expensive.

Part extension ladder, part A-frame ladder, completely awesome.  

 The importance of cleaning out your gutters cannot be overstated.  Stormwater maintenance should be the number one item on any homeowner maintenance list.  This makes it a little easier. 

Telescoping ladders are lightweight, easy to store, and surprisingly sturdy.

Even if you’re not the handiest, a drill is a must have. Always opt for a brushless motor for more efficiency and a longer life.

Why have 6 tools when you can do the same jobs with one?  You’ll find one of these in every inspector’s tool bag. 

Stop carrying bulky keys and never worry about getting locked out of your house again. Keypad locks are secure and convenient.

Moisture meters: There are two primary styles, pin type, and pinless. The pin type tends to be a little more accurate…

…but the pinless has the advantage of not marking the walls at all.

Outlet tester:  You want one with a GFCI testing function. This device will tell you if your outlets are wired properly, if they are properly grounded, and functioning properly

Great for any new homeowner or to give as a gift to someone you know who just bought a home.

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