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What is a Walk & Talk™?

A Walk & Talk™ is a consultation that provides one hour of a licensed property inspector’s time. Clients can ask questions, gain insight, and potentially help make a decision about whether a property is right for them.  Most of our clients use the Walk & Talk™ to have areas of the home they may have concerns about checked out. We typically focus on “big-ticket” items such as the roof, HVAC systems, foundation, or electrical.

Why would I get a Walk & Talk™ instead of an inspection?

When the real estate market is as “hot” and competitive as it has been recently, buyers need to make quick decisions on whether they want to put in an offer. A Walk & Talk™ can be a great alternative or addition to a full home inspection. We can even schedule this service during the initial showing of a property.

The inspector can provide their opinion on which items are in need of repairs or replacement.  They can also give clients an idea of the approximate remaining life expectancy of an item, such as the heater or roof.

What’s the difference between a Walk & Talk™ and an inspection?

Since a Walk & Talk™ is a consultation and not an inspection, no report or photos are provided. The inspector will focus only on areas of concern. They won’t look at the whole home or property as they would in a traditional inspection.

Buyers or sellers are encouraged to bring a notepad and pen and to take notes and photos as they go through the property with the inspector.

What if once I’ve had my Walk & Talk™ I still have concerns or questions about the property?

Once clients have had a Walk & Talk™, we still recommend scheduling a full inspection. Even in a competitive real estate market where some clients are choosing to waive the inspection contingency, they can still have a home inspection performed to provide themselves with a checklist of what repairs they will need to prioritize or budget for down the road.

We even offer a 10% discount to  clients who opt for a full home inspection either during the homebuying process or after they’ve moved in.

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